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When you think tings cant get any worse, they do….

So lang time since I last posted some writing here on my tumblr.

Lately life have been, well lets just call it what it is, a big giant shit, that Iยดve had to eat a bit of every day…

It alle started 10 weeks ago, when my beloved Red Lady (Hegnsgaardens Lakhota, horse) injured her right frontleg deep tendon. Not good at all, so get the Vet to come, and he orders her a joint treatment and stable rest for 2-3 month….. Oh no…. well cant do anything about it :-(

So a stall is avalible so my other horse the White woman (Miss Sara, arabianhorse) moves in. Oh the joy it is to have both my horses at the same stable :-)

So after one week, the white woman is closed together with the other horses, and the slaughter her. she gets a big bite wounds on the neck and a kick of the foreleg and is also lame.

WTF to horses and they are both injured :-(

Well 2 weeks later the white woman is all clear and healed again, and the red lady is ready to start her rehabilitation. Great progress, finally…

another 2 weeks go by, things are going good, then the redlady bucks me off, Iย literally land on my face. My nose bleeds, a swollen lip and a broken finger. My helmet splits too.

I go to the ER and get checked by a doctor, I also have a concussion, so no riding for 2 weeks…. dammit :-(

Then 2 days ago I go to get the white woman form the paddock, and she is lame in her frontleg agin :-(

What is up with my luck these days, seriously.

So far Im not a very big fan of 2014. the worst year ever, so far.

Loves this picture of the red lady by the way. can you see she has a heart in her tail ;-) <3

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